Women In Olfactory Science

from Thursday, 5 October 2017 (05:30) to Friday, 6 October 2017 (18:00)
SISSA, Trieste (Meeting Room, 7th floor)

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5 Oct 2017
6 Oct 2017
Human Olfaction #1 -Prof. Veronika Schöpf (University of Graz) (until 10:30) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
09:00 The role of the chemical senses for eating behavior, in health and disease - Prof. Sanne Boesveldt (Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, Human Nutrition, Wageningen University & Research)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
09:20 Multisensory influences on olfactory perception during food consumption - Prof. Janina Seubert (Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
09:40 Reinforcement by reward enhances discrimination of odor stimuli - Dr Rea Rodriguez-Racke (Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology, University Hospital, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Olfactory receptors, chemical structure and animal models -Prof. Marc Spehr (until 12:30) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
11:00 Considerations on structure-odour activity relationships in humans - Prof. Andrea Buettner   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
11:20 From odors to brain: how odor binding is transduced into electrical signals traveling to the brain. - Dr Simone Pifferi (International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
11:40 The Amphibian olfactory system as a model to study neuroregeneration - Ms Sara Joy Hawkins (Institute of Neurophysiology and Cellular Biophysics, University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Opening remarks -Dr Valentina Parma (SISSA - Cognitive Neuroscience) (until 16:00) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Keynote (until 17:00) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Keynote (until 17:30) (7TH Floor Big Conference Room)
Social Event (until 19:30) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Lunch and networking opportunity -Dr Sanne Boesveldt (until 14:00) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Human Olfaction #2 -Dr Valentina Parma (SISSA - Cognitive Neuroscience) (until 15:30) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
14:00 Pheromones: fashion fad or fact? - Prof. Monique Smeets (Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands Science Leader Strategic Science Group, Unilever R&D, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
14:20 Olfactory associative learning during human sleep: Interplay between sleep stages, slow wave oscillations and behavior - Dr Anat Arzi (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
14:40 Multisensory Integration and Cerebral Reorganization in Anosmia - Ms Moa Peter (Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Coffee break (until 16:00) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Olfaction & friends -Dr Sanne Boesveldt (until 17:30) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
16:00 Genetic and demographic influences on odor perception - Dr Casey Trimmer (Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia PA, USA)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
16:30 A central contribution to individual differences in taste sensitivity - Dr Marga Veldhuizen (The John B. Pierce Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
17:00 Olfaction and food: an unforgettable experience - Prof. Monica Laureati (Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences DeFENS – Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy)   (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
Closing remarks -Prof. Veronika Schöpf (until 18:00) (Meeting Room, 7th floor)
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