Jan 13 – 16, 2020
IFPU, Miramare campus, Trieste, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

A parametrized ringdown approach for black-hole spectroscopy of spinning black holes

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IFPU, Miramare campus, Trieste, Italy

IFPU, Miramare campus, Trieste, Italy

Via Beirut 2, Trieste, Italy


Dr Andrea Maselli (Sapienza University of Rome)


Black-hole spectroscopy is arguably the most promising tool to test
gravity in extreme regimes and to probe the ultimate nature of black
holes with unparalleled precision. These tests are currently limited by
the lack of a ringdown parametrization that is both robust and accurate.
We develop an observable-based parametrization of the ringdown of
spinning black holes beyond general relativity, which is perturbative
in the spin, but it can be made arbitrarily precise through a high-order expansion. It requires ${\cal O}(10)$ ringdown detections, which should be routinely available with the planned space mission LISA and with third-generation ground-based detectors. In this talk I will present a preliminary analysis of the projected bounds on parametrized ringdown parameters with LISA and with the Einstein Telescope, and discuss extensions of our model that can be straightforwardly included in the future.

Primary author

Dr Andrea Maselli (Sapienza University of Rome)

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