Euclid CMBXC WG Meeting



Carlo Baccigalupi (SISSA, Trieste, Italy), Nabila Aghanim (IAS, Paris, France)

Introduction and Purpose 

The meeting has the purpose of reviewing all activities and progresses on WPs and KPs. The sessions, including reports and open discussions, are focused on Simulations (First Day, afternoon), Estimators & Likelihoods (Second Day, morning), Extended Forecasts (Second Day, afternoon). In the final discussion, we'll review plans till the next CMBXC Meeting in Spring 2022. 

Photos at the Meeting 

Zoom photos of remote participants coming soon! 

Meeting I

Meeting II

Dinner I

Dinner II


The meeting will likely be in an hybrid mode, remote and in person. The physical location will be at SISSA, in Trieste, Italy. Logistic details will follow. 

Social Events 

Dinner! Please make your choice here

Notes available at this link

Connection Details 

Zoom link available here. Meeting ID: 705 044 4609, Password: 20022003
Phone numbers here if needed. 

  • Alain Blanchard
  • Alessandro Gruppuso
  • Alessandro Renzi
  • Andras Kovacs
  • Angelo Ferrari
  • Bianca De Caro
  • Carlo Baccigalupi
  • Carmelita Carbone
  • Daniela Paoletti
  • Daniele Bertacca
  • Fabio Finelli
  • Gemma Luzzi
  • Gianluca Polenta
  • Giulio Fabbian
  • James Bartlett
  • José Ramón Bermejo Climent
  • Ken Ganga
  • Laura Patrizii
  • Laura Salvati
  • Louis Legrand
  • Luca Pagano
  • Luca Stanco
  • Marco Baldi
  • Margherita Lembo
  • Maria Archidiacono
  • Mario Ballardini
  • Martina Gerbino
  • Massimiliano Lattanzi
  • Matteo Tenti
  • Nicola Bartolo
  • Raphael Kou
  • Sabino Matarrese
  • Shahbaz Alvi
  • Stefano Anselmi
  • Stephanie Escoffier
  • Stéphane Ilic
  • Thejs Brinckmann