Please note that the conference has been postponed to 2021, at a date to be determined compatibly with the development of the pandemic. 


The notion of integrable system in classical mechanics dates back to Joseph Liouville and has an illustrious and long history; it has since expanded considerably and received input from distant areas of mathematics and physics like  algebraic geometry, symplectic topology, string-theory, combinatorics, statistical mechanics, stochastic models and more.

The conference aims at bringing together leading mathematicians that have contributed and are contributing to the success and dissemination of methods and ideas originating from integrable systems in all areas of mathematics and physics.

The conference is  in memory of Boris Dubrovin (1950 - 2019), whose activity in the past forty years has been a driving force and a reference beacon for many researchers in Mathematical Physics and Geometry.

Preliminary list of speakers

Anne Boutet de Monvel (Paris VI, France),  Alexander Buryak (Leeds, UK),  Mattia Cafasso (Angers, France)
Mauro Carfora (Pavia, Italy),  Guido Carlet  (Dijon, France),  Tom Claeys (UCLouvain, Belgium)
Vladimir Dragovic (UT Dallas, USA),  Yakov Eliashberg  (Stanford, USA), Gregorio Falqui (Milano Bicocca, Italy), Giovanni Felder  (ETH, Zurich, CH), Evgeny Ferapontov (Loughbourough, UK),  Alexander Givental (Berkeley, USA),  Claus Hertling, (Mannheim, Germany),  Alexander  Its (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianpolis, USA),  Nalini Joshi (Sidney, AU), Christian Klein, (Dijon, France), Dmitry Korotkin (Concordia, CA),  Igor Krichever (Columbia, USA and Skoltech, Moscow), Oleg Lisovyy (Tours, France),  Marta Mazzocco (Birmingham, UK),  Ken McLaughlin (Fort Collins, USA),  Sergei P. Novikov* (Steklov, Moscow and UMD, Maryland, USA), Andrei Okounkov (Columbia, USA), Vasilisa Schramchenko (Sherbook, CA), Ian Strachan (Glasgow, UK), Pierre Van Moerbeke (UCLouvain, Belgium), Alexander Veselov (Loughborough, UK),    Di Yang (Hefei, China), Youjin Zhang (Tsinghua, China),  Don Zagier (ICTP, Trieste Italy  and  Max Planck Bonn, Germany)

* to be confirmed

Scientific Committee:  Marco Bertola (SISSA - Concordia Univ.),  Andrea Brini (Sheffield, UK),  Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA), Ludwig Dabrowski (SISSA), Vladimir Dragovich (UT Dallas, USA),Barbara Fantechi (SISSA), Tamara Grava, (SISSA - Univ. Bristol), Davide Guzzetti (SISSA), Paolo Lorenzoni (Milano Bicocca), Davide Masoero (University of Lisbon), Paolo Rossi (Univ. Padova),  Vladimir Rubtsov (Angers, France),  Jacopo Stoppa (SISSA), Alessandro Tanzini (SISSA)

Organizing Commitee: Marco Bertola (SISSA- Concordia Univ.),   Eduardo Chavez-Heredia (SISSA-Bristol), Harini Desiraju (SISSA), Vladimir Dragovic (UT Dallas, USA), Massimo Gisonni (SISSA), Tamara Grava (SISSA-Bristol), Davide Guzzetti (SISSA),  Paolo Lorenzoni (Milano Bicocca), Davide Masoero (University of Lisbon), Guido Mazzuca (SISSA), Paolo Rossi (Padova).

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