The workshop is organized as a "Team Research Week", these are small group meetings with the aim of developing or finalizing research projects. We are a group of 6-7 researchers who have been working on solving specific inference and computational problems related to cosmological data using topological data analysis. The format of the workshop will be very informal: we'll have a few talks and many sessions for working in small groups and making progress on the projects. A tentative list of topics will cover:

  1. Generative models for cosmological simulations
  2. Information Maximizing Persistent Homology
  3. Parameter inference using persistent homology
  4. Multiparameter persistence

Given the potential overlap with activities in the area, the meeting is open to everyone interested, and we'll have a specific day dedicated to fostering collaboration with external people interested in knowing more about the topic.

via Beirut 2, 34151, Trieste
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This conference is organized as a "Team Research Week" at the Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe. More details on the Institute and its activities are found here:

A schematic map of the workshop site is found here below:



















Information on how to reach Trieste downtown and IFPU can be found on the ICTP webpage: ICTP - Transportation. IFPU is located just beside ICTP.

Application for this event is currently open.