Jun 19 – 23, 2017
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Program


Marta Mazzocco (University of Loughborough, UK): Quantum Teichmuller spaces, cluster algebras and Painlevé equations

Tony Pantev (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Parabolic Hecke eigensheaves

Fernando Rodríguez Villegas (ICTP, Italy): Geometry of character varieties via arithmetic techniques

Olivier Schiffmann (Université Paris-Sud and CNRS, France): Higgs stacks and Lie-like structures



Allegretti Dylan  (University of Sheffield, UK): Relating stability conditions and cluster varieties

Ben Davison (Glasgow University, UK): Character varieties and cohomological DT invariants

Sven Meinhardt (University of Sheffield, UK): Introducing Donaldson-Thomas theory with an eye towards character varieties

Anton Mellit (IST Austria): Cohomology of character varieties



Bousseau Pierrick (Imperial College London, UK): DT invariants from holomorphic curves and a geometric interpretation of Block- Göttsche invariants

Cambò Vincenzo (SISSA, Trieste, Italy): On the E-polynomial of parabolic Sp(2n)-character varieties

Tirelli Andrea (Imperial College London, UK): Symplectic resolutions for Higgs moduli spaces

Wyss Dimitri (EPF Lausanne/IST Austria): Topological mirror symmetry via p-adic integration


A round table will take place in the morning of Wednesday 21st. It will be moderated by Jacopo Stoppa, Vladimir Rubtsov and Szilard Szabo, and the panelists will be

Barbosa Rodrigo
Ganev Iordan
Ivanics Peter
Kivinen Oscar
Kononov Iakov
Kshirsagar Priya
Hamilton Eloïse
Kaur Inder
Li Penghui
Lukzen Elena
Matveeva Anastasia
Mereb Martin
Minets Aliaksandr
Mostaed Amir Mohammad
Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang
Nozad Azizet
Rava Claudio
Razavinia Farrokh
Sandor Andras
Sutherland Tom
uit de Bos Niels

It will be about open problems, questions (also arising from the lectures of the school) and possible research lines in the theory of Higgs moduli spaces, character varieties,  cluster algebras, COHAs, stability conditions, etc.  This will also be an activity of the ERC Starting Grant Project 307119  “Stability and wall-crossing in algebraic and differential geometry.


Please, visit List of Contributions to see the full programme.