Sixth deal.II Users and Developers Workshop

Meeting Room -- VII Floor (SISSA Main Building)

Meeting Room -- VII Floor

SISSA Main Building

Via Bonomea 265 34136 -- Trieste -- Italy
Daniel Arndt (University Heidelberg), Denis Davydov (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg), Jean-Paul Pelteret (Chair of Applied Mechanics, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg), Luca Heltai (SISSA), Timo Heister (Clemson University), Wolfgang Bangerth (Colorado State University)


Invited talks and discussions by users and developers of the deal.II library in areas including:

  • use cases and applications of the library,
  • what users think would be useful directions for the library to go into,
  • things that are missing,
  • newer parts of the library.

The workshop will have time for both talks and "hackathon"- or "code jam"-style time to work jointly on everyone's projects with plenty of people to ask and get help from.