Jul 7 – 15, 2016
SISSA main building
Europe/Rome timezone

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline
Contributions to TEX2016 are welcome on any issue related to language learning, construed broadly. TEX2016 aims at spanning neuroscience, linguistic theory, cognitive psychology, computational modelling, and beyond; so don't be restrained by academic labels! Anyone can contribute an abstract, from Nobel prize winners to youngsters applying to TEX2016 as students. In the abstract submission page, you'll find a field called 'Track classification' -- please tell us there whether you applied as a student or just registered as a participant (the teacher option is reserved to the invited speakers). We do not plan to have a proper review process, but time-space constraints may force us to make a selection. In any case, you will be notified about the eventual acceptance of your abstract as a poster or as a talk by mid May. Abstract should be copied and pasted into the relevant box, which will appear by clicking on 'Submit abstract' on the left. (We apologise on preventing you from uploading your own file, but this will allow the system to generate a gorgeous book of abstracts, which we would never be able to produce otherwise.) Please stay within a 400-words limit. PLEASE NOTE THAT ABSTRACTS ARE WELCOME UNTIL JUNE 17, 2016.
The call for abstracts is closed.