Jul 18 – 21, 2017
SISSA, International School for Advanced Studies, Main Campus, Trieste, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Scope of workshop

QUIET 2017 - Quantification of Uncertainty: Improving Efficiency and Technology - is focused on the review of recent algorithmic and mathematical advances and the development of new research directions for uncertainty quantification in the setting of partial differential equations with random inputs. As such, the workshop impacts the scientific, engineering,financial, economic, environmental, social, and commercial milieus.

Expected outcome and impact of workshop

The workshop focuses on the among most promising approaches for near-future improvements in the way uncertainty quantification problems in the partial differential equation setting are solved. Expected outcomes of the workshop include:

  • the construction of guidelines for the most promising directions of near-future research
  • synergistic exchanges across topics facilitated by the commonality of algorithms used for more than one topic
  • the exchange, among participants in each focus topic of the workshop, of recent and even unpublished progress and results
  • exposure of a sizable group of junior researchers already active in uncertainty quantification research to new problem areas and new directions for their research.

The central of objectives of the workshop are to gather together both senior and junior researchers:

  • to exchange the latest knowledge and results each of these participants brings to the table
  • to provide guidelines for the most promising approaches for near-future research
  • to provide junior researchers with new problems that they can incorporate into their research plans.

To maximize the probability of success in meeting these objectives and to therefore have maximum impact on the UQ community, the workshop will focus on problems with a high number of random parameters and on specific avenues that have recently shown considerable promise. Specifically,

  • reduced order modeling
  • more efficient solvers
  • high-dimensional approximation
  • applications 

Workshop Structure

The workshop will be of 3.5 days; each day will be dedicated to one of the four workshop themes above. There will be 10 talks per day (by invitation only) given by 5 senior and 5 junior speakers. The applications-session will be on the last day and it will have 5 senior speakers only. Each day will end with a discussion session where participants will review the talks of the day and discuss what are the most important research directions that should be pursued in the future.
Also, there will be a poster session open to students and early postdocs (<2 years from PhD). Abstract submission for poster session is now closed.